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Welcome to the island Goeree-Overflakkee

Welcome to the island


Rent a holiday home with spa at the coast

Holiday homes

with a spa

Rent a holiday home at the coast

Group accommodation

on the coast

Our island surrounded by water

Our island

surrounded by water

luxury flats for rent on the coast

luxury flats

by the habour

Enjoy the outdoors


with your family

Renting a holiday home at the coast

Luxurious villas

close to the coast

Discover wild Flamingos in winter

Discover wild flamingos

in winter

Enjoy the outdoors


outdoor living

active on the water


in and on the water

Spot seals


wild seals

Q&A Vouchers

Q&A vouchers


Q: Can VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL use a voucher instead of a cash refund?

A: Yes it is possible. We realize that - under normal circumstances - in case of a cancellation by VAKANTIHUISINOUDDORP.NL we would have to refund the amount already paid. However, the current situation is so exceptional that we believe it is justified to make an exception. The ANVR and the GSC also have updates about this on their website. In fact, this procedure is equivalent to the possibility of free rebooking, as is currently done by travel agencies. We count on your understanding.

Q: My legal assistance insurance indicates that I do not have to accept the voucher. So I would like a refund for my cancellation. 

A: There are special situations conceivable in which it is not reasonable for the parties to adhere to agreements from an agreement. If the circumstances are so exceptional, this may even set aside provisions of the law. The corona crisis, the unforeseen developments and their impact concern such an exceptional situation. This is also the reason why governments and regulators in Europe, the Netherlands and other countries worldwide support the issuance of a Corona Voucher. The Corona voucher is a temporary solution in this crisis, offering a reasonable and justified balance between the interests of consumers and travel organizations. The Corona voucher also does not deny you any right to a cash refund; if you are unable or unwilling to redeem the voucher within one year of its issue, you are free to request a cash refund. But of course we hope that you will book a nice trip with us in the near future.

Q: I have booked my trip with another tour operator than VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL, will I get a voucher?

A: As long as you have booked a trip for which VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL is the executing tour operator, you can claim the voucher. VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL will contact you for this. If you have booked a trip for which VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL is not the executing tour operator, you should check with that tour operator what the possibilities are.

Q: What is the value of the voucher? And what if I want to book another trip that is more expensive/good?

A: The value of the voucher is completely equal to the travel sum paid by you. The booking fee and any travel and cancellation insurance premiums incurred will also be returned to you in the form of a voucher. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue. Will the travel sum of your new holiday be more expensive? Then you pay the difference yourself. If the new travel sum becomes cheaper, the remaining amount will remain on your voucher.

Q: How long does the voucher remain valid?

A: The voucher is valid for one year from the time of issue.

Q: Does the validity relate to the booking date or the departure date of the new trip?

A: You have one year to book a new trip. The new departure date may therefore be after the validity of the voucher, as long as the booking is made within one year of the date of issue.

Q: Is the voucher personal? Or may it also be transferred?

A: The voucher is personal, you may not transfer it to someone else. It is, however, possible to transfer the (remaining) voucher to another (other) participant of the original booking and under the condition that this is made known in advance to VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL. If you have not booked directly with VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL but with another tour operator, please contact this tour operator to arrange the transfer.
Q: When will I receive the voucher? How does this work?

A: We are currently in the process of issuing the vouchers for the bookings cancelled from VAKANTIEHUISINOUDDORP.NL with departure date until May 10th. Issuing takes place in phases and takes some time. When your voucher has been created, you will find it in e-mail. Make sure you check it regularly. If you have not received the voucher yet, please be patient and do not contact us about this. We are a small tour operator and we work hard to provide everyone with this voucher as soon as possible. 

Q: How do I receive the voucher?

A: As soon as your voucher is created you will find it in your email.

Q: I have received a voucher, how do I use it when booking?

A: On your voucher you will find a code with 10 characters. When making a new booking on VAKANTIEHUISHUISINOUDDORP.NL.nl you enter this code at the last step of your booking, enter discount code.

PLEASE NOTE: The code is case sensitive and must be identical to the code on the voucher.

Q: Can I use the voucher to book multiple holidays? So spread the amount over more holidays?

A: This is possible. If you still have sufficient balance on the voucher after the first booking, you can use this for the next holiday.

Q: I have already made a new booking, can I still use my Corona voucher for this?

A: The voucher can be used with a new or existing booking. Would you like to use the voucher for a booking you have already made? Please contact the VAKANTIHUISHINOUDDORP.NL.

Q: Can I use multiple vouchers for one new booking?

A: It is currently not possible to use multiple Corona vouchers for one booking.

Q: Can I combine a voucher with a discount code I have received?

A: It is not currently possible to combine a Corona voucher with a received discount code.

Q: I booked a trip departing between 6 April and 10 May and have not yet paid the full fare. How is this handled with the voucher?

A: If you have made a down payment for your holiday and it has been cancelled, you will receive a voucher worth the amount of the down payment.

A: I have booked a trip departing between 6 April and 10 May and have not yet paid the travel sum. Do I still have to pay the travel sum?

Q: No, you do not have to pay the travel sum. Your trip will be cancelled and you will not receive a voucher.