Ouddorp Connection



Het 25 km lange strand op de Kop van Goeree maakt Ouddorp een badplaats die met geen enkele andere badplaats te vergelijken is. Niet voor niets is Ouddorp in 2007 uitgeroepen tot de beste badplaats van Nederland.

The 25 km elongated and wide beach on the Kop van Goeree makes Ouddorp a seaside resort that cannot be compared to any other seaside resort. It is not without reason that Ouddorp was named the best seaside resort in the Netherlands in 2007.
The beach is divided into different sections. There are 2 areas where the bathing beach is guarded by the rescue brigade in the season, one can practice extreme sports, such as sand yachting and beach buggy driving (see activities). Dogs and horses are also allowed. The never-ending beach is never overcrowded, there is still room for everyone here and you can measure yourself with the elements or simply dream away for hours. The 'Blue Flag' has been blowing on the Ouddorp beaches for several years, an international quality mark for a clean and safe beach. This means: The bathing water is of excellent quality, the beach is kept clean, there are enough toilets and waste bins on the beach, rescue equipment and a first aid post are available. Information activities are organized to protect the natural environment of the sea, beach and dunes.

in the 6 beach tents with their terraces and comfortable interior areas covered with large windscreens, you can satisfy your large and small appetite. Some beach tents are also open in winter.
The large free parking spaces are accessible to visitors to the beach all year round.
And for those looking for a more calm water, Grevelingenmeer also has a place on the beach.

On the beach of Ouddorp / Kop van Goeree and the Brouwersdam
has been awarded the “Blue Flag” eco-label for many years.

The best thing for children is sand.
He always has plenty.
He runs incomparably
tenderly through the hand.
Where they can keep their nose,
if you fall on him,
is he so soft
Feeling child fingers,
if they run through it,
nothing but the kingdom of heaven.
Freely translated from German by the poet Joachim Ringelnatz

Het mooiste voor kinderen is zand.
Het ligt overvloedig klaar,
en stroomt even daar
lekker door de hand.
Waar ze hun neus kunnen behouden
als ze op hem zouden
vallen, is het zo zacht.
Kindervingers voelen
als ze door hem woelen
niets anders dan gelukzaligheid.
Vrij vertaald uit Duits van de dichter Joachim Ringelnatz  

Aan het strand van Ouddorp / Kop van Goeree en de Brouwersdam
wordt al jaren regelmatig het milieukeurmerk  “Blauwe Vlag” toegekend.