Life source North Sea

The North Sea beach is one of the most popular holiday destinations worldwide. A stay at the North Sea is rightfully associated with a therapy that is beneficial to body, mind and soul. This comes from various elements. The vitality of our organism is based on various components, where all our senses are addressed based on the interaction between the stimuli or events in our lives and the response of our body. Too many stimulus is just as harmful as not enough stimulus. The climate on the sea is both stimulating and relaxing. With a holiday on the North Sea you also book an effective anti-aging agent, whereby the nature around you offers unprecedented opportunities. But you have to be open to nature.

Source of North Sea life - experience the beneficial climate with all the senses

In general, the North Sea coast has a temperate climate, in summer there is no unbearable heat and in winter there is no Siberian cold. The sea air is low in allergen and free from emissions, especially where Ouddorp is concerned. The air humidity and low particulate matter content contributes to the beneficial effect. High concentrations of iodine, magnesium and trace elements are present in the surf. Minerals that decrease strongly in the air further inland. Up to 200 meters from the surf the effect is strongest and after about 500 meters everything is blown away. The spray works expectorant, anti-inflammatory and increases the defense mechanism of the respiratory organ and skin.

The ever-present fresh wind is an excellent instrument for regulating our body heat, inhalation, metabolism, cardiovascular system and the immune system. Wind also promotes our adaptability to temperature changes and is the best remedy for excessively cooled (air conditioning) or overheated rooms.

Walk along the beach or in the surf
Plowing through the loose sand, with or without shoes, promotes blood flow and trains the leg and calf muscles. If you walk barefoot on the hardened sand, on the seabed that has dried up due to low tide, you are massaging the reflex zones of the soles of your feet, which according to traditional Chinese medicine has a positive influence on all your organs.
Anyone who takes a step further into the water with bare legs can practice in a "water cure according to Kneipp".
The stimulating cool water and the up and down movement of the legs promote blood flow, counteract cramp veins and give your immune system an extra kick.

The stronger UV radiation at sea promotes the body's own production of vitamin D, which is only produced by sunlight on your skin. Vitamin D ensures healthy joints and the musculoskeletal system and is also conducive to good blood pressure. It also controls cell division and reduces the risk of cancer. In addition, sufficient light is responsible for the degradation of the sleep hormone melatonin and causes an increase in the feel-good hormone serotine, both of which affect your mental state.
All this can be achieved with a walk along the beach, even on cloudy days. 30 minutes a day is enough.
With a somewhat longer stay in the spring and especially in the summer there is sufficient sunshine. But keep in mind. Too much sun means stress for your body. Due to the presence of the wind, the sun's power appears to be less strong, but don't underestimate this. And remember that children up to the age of 4 have hardly produced enough skin-specific pigment.


in the salty wet is already a therapy in itself (thalassotherapy). The salt content has a beneficial effect on your skin. It gives a layer of defense and makes the skin smooth. Therefore, do not rinse the salt water immediately, but allow your skin to dry up. The salt filter cleanses your skin and feels reborn. Do this only briefly, otherwise your skin will dry out too much. In addition, the low water temperature can boost your defense mechanism.

The beneficial climate of the North Sea has a positive influence on the following diseases:
Respiratory tract infections, asthma, neurodermitis, psoriasis, eczema, cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders, exhaustion, increased susceptibility to infections, allergies and helps with recovery from illness and with regulating mood swings.

How the stress falls in the water

Wandering looks
In our hectic and abundant society, we are constantly putting pressure on our bodies. It is now well known that constant stress hurts our health.
With its diversity, the beach landscape offers the opportunity to relax body, mind and soul. Not without reason, many prefer the soothing images of the beach, the sea and the sun. The present natural environment of Ouddorp therefore has a high relaxation potential. The few apartment buildings and high-voltage pylons enhance that effect. You can let your eyes wander as far as the eye can see, that it is relaxing alone. In addition, it increases your awareness of the environment in which you find yourself. The sea is a real eye-catcher, but don't forget to take a look at the sky. Nowhere else will you find such breathtaking skies and clouds as on the beach. Air and water merge into a limitless view of the horizon. This gives room to your soul and increases your sense of happiness and satisfaction. Time seems to stand still. And it is precisely in this timeless state that various hidden functions in the body are stimulated, which form the basis for mental health. Standing, sitting or lying on the beach gives the feeling of not having to do anything anymore.

Color game
The colors on the beach are another building block of maritime happiness. The light from the color spectrum is a feast for the eyes. Blue is the star among the colors. It stimulates kindness and harmony, it gives a feeling of infinity, lowers the pulse and blood pressure, in short, blue has a relaxing effect. Greenery is inextricably linked to the sea. Youth, joy of life, recovery and natural beauty go hand in hand. Not without reason blackboards are green and billiard tables or surgical clothing are usually green or blue.

Noise of the waves
For thousands of years, rippling waves or the rushing waves in the surf have been etched into our memory as natural sounds. The evenness of the sound of the waves is experienced as soothing. A simple but effective extra for your maritime anti-stress action.

Float in the sea
The sea gives you the feeling of weightlessness. Swimming in the sea is connected with the blissful feeling of floating, where one is freed from gravity. Swimming removes limits, weight and everyday worries. If you venture into the cool North Sea, you also activate your immune system. The rippling of the waves, the caress of the water and the weightlessness bring you back to prenatal life. And you know, nowhere in the world is man more secure than in the womb.

Let all the different impressions of nature affect you and you will be surprised how a boring environment can become a colorful adventure. The variety of greenery, the beach and the sea, the different color nuances in the various seasons, the soft sloshing of the waves and the sounds of the birds offer optimum prospects for a relaxing exercise of consideration. Mindfulness means "to be completely there" and can shed light on what is behind thoughts.
"The actual journey of discovery does not consist of discovering new landscapes, but viewing it with new eyes!" (Marcel Proust).


As we live a life of ease

Everyone of us has all we need

Sky of blue and sea of green

In our yellow submarine