Amusement parks

A visit to the Oosterscheldekering is extremely suitable to combine with a visit to the adjacent water park "Neeltje Jans" (25 km). For the seal show, the water slides and the many other spectacular and stormy attractions, it is better to take a day off, certainly because it includes a boat trip, so that you can also view the flood barrier from the water!

You will find a world-famous one-off attraction in "FutureLand" (48 km). There you can witness the construction of a new port section of Rotterdam, the 2nd Maasvlakte, in person. Here sand is sprayed on and formed into new land. With an express train you travel between construction traffic on the newly won land. You have the best view of the work from the panorama deck. In a simulator you can form a picture of what the port construction will look like in 2035.

Family park "Plaswijck" in Rotterdam (50 km) is a playground for which super-latives fall short. With squeaky tires going through the traffic park or getting wet sprayed at the harbor playground, your children will enjoy it.

"Mini Mundi" is the new family amusement park in Middelburg (50 km), where the miniature park Walcheren has also found shelter. You can enjoy the view from the balloon tower, the challenging climbing tower on the mega-indoor playground, storm walk, entertain yourself with hula-hoops or view the miniature houses. In short, the park has something for everyone.

The Drievliet family park (75 km) is located near the government seat of The Hague, where visitors are treated to a mix of entertainment and merry-go-rounds. Great entertainment for the whole family.

"Miniature park Madurodam" in The Hague (64km) is a miniature edition of the Netherlands. Important and special buildings, markets, canals, windmills, Schiphol Airport, the port of Rotterdam, the Delta Works and much more have been imitated in detail (1:25) and have been given a place.

In the largest pirate park in the Netherlands, "Het Arsenaal" in Vlissingen (60 km) you can experience everything from the top to the deepest hold. The Arsenal shows what life has looked like in the time of the pirates and does so in a partly cheerful and partly creepy atmosphere.

The attractions in the famous amusement park "Duinrell" at Wassenaar (80 km) are without a doubt the various water slides. Don't forget your swimwear and towel! You can also enjoy a pleasant day here with the whole family outside the summer season. The park is laid out wide and with lots of greenery, so that the attractions are not built close together and a walk can be made in between.

"De Efteling", Dutch number 1 when it comes to theme parks, can be reached as a day trip (110 km). In Efteling, one of the largest and most beautiful amusement parks in Europe, there is something for everyone, whether you go for the kicks or want to visit the fairy tale forest. Advertising is superfluous for this park.


At the goat farm "Mekkerstee" in Ouddorp you can walk among the kids, watch them being milked and see how the local organic cheese is made. Experience the charm of peasant life, meanwhile licking at such a delicious home-made ice cream.  

At 10km from Stellendam you can visit the seal nursery "ASEAL" and adopt a seal or donate an old towel. Any support, even if it is still so small, helps these darlings of the North Sea.

The attraction of the Fauna Park in New Tonge (25 km) is the largest rodent in the world, the capybara, but ok the other animals are particularly nice and

"Diergaarde Blijdorp" (50 km) has been chosen as the third nicest zoo in the Netherlands. Whether it is tigers, elephants, polar bears or sharks in the Oceanium, both land animals and aquatic animals from all parts of the world are housed in large-scale and naturally adjacent residences. The zoo is a real attraction for many thousands of visitors all year round.

When you hear Africa, you think of The Big Five: the five most legendary animals on this continent! "Beekse Bergen Safari Park" in Hilvarenbeek (130 km) is the only wildlife park in the Benelux where you can spot rhinos, elephants, leopards, buffalo and lions in one day. You come across them during a tour through the 120-hectare park.

An absolute highlight when it comes to an animal park is the "Dolphinarium" in Harderwijk (160 km), the largest aquatic animal park in Europe. The stars of the sea, the dolphins can be admired in their basin or in one of the magic shows. Here is also the home of the dolphin Spetter, a real Dutch television star. Seals, sea lions and walruses also show their skills in the shows. A visit to this park is therefore an unforgettable adventure.

There is also a variety of options for fans of technical toys, railways and cars.

The narrow-gauge RTM (Rotterdamsche Tramweg Maatschappij) maintained a timetable between Rotterdam and the southern islands with steam and diesel trains between 1889 and 1966. Today, this track and the adjacent museum at the foot of the Brouwersdam are a tourist attraction. During the ride you have a beautiful view of the Grevelingenmeer and the dunes. A boat trip on the Grevelingenmeer is included in the steam ride.

In the "National Fire Museum" in Hellevoetsluis (25 km) you can fully follow the history of fire and disaster relief in the Netherlands on the basis of the permanent collection and changing exhibitions. The collection of the museum is unique and possibly the largest in Europe. The collection contains many attributes from the 17th century, such as pitch wreaths, candle lanterns and the like. At that time, the snake fire spray was also invented by Jan van der Heijden. The big eye-catchers are of course the old fire brigade vehicles, a number of which are still kept moving.

"Railz Miniworld" in Rotterdam (50 km) is a family attraction for young and old. There is much to see and experience in the vibrant miniature world with recognizable Dutch landscapes. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of 500m² of miniature world with many scenes that stimulate your imagination. There are more than 100 model trains and there are more than 2 kilometers of rails. Every 24 minutes the room light dims in a series of evening and morning colors. In the miniature world, thousands of lights illuminate the night landscape.

….. and much more!